In the Press

Our rugs have been mentioned in various publications over the years. Below is a partial list.

Courtesy Veranda Magazine.
Photograph by Ron Blunt.
February 2009 Veranda, pp. 126-137, “Range of Color,” Elizabeth Gaynor. Rich primary colors are used in several braided and hooked and braided rugs throughout a beautiful Idaho mountain timber home. 
Hamptons Cottages & Gardens Cover 
Photo courtesy of Hamptons
Cottages & Gardens
August 15-31, 2008 Hamptons Cottages and Gardens, pp. 76-81, “Canvassing the House,” Sophie Donelson. A contemporary 2-color round rug graces the dining room floor of a Hamptons home.  

June 2008 Veranda, pp. 200-213, “Whimsy by the Sea,” Elizabeth Gaynor. A lively pastel braided stair runner in
a Cape Cod home.

Photo courtesy of
House Beautiful.
May 2007 House Beautiful, Kitchen Issue, pp. 96-105, “Colorful Rooms…Colorful Kitchens,” Christopher Petkanas. Multi-oval and round family room braided rug in chocolate, chartreuse and turquoise. 

March 2007 Architectural Digest. Die Schonsten Hauser Der Welt, pp. 162-169, “Schrage Klassik,” Pilar Viladas.
Our first braided rug in an international publication. Same apartment as June 18, 2006 New York Times
Magazine article (see below).

Photo courtesy of
Traditional Home.
November 2006 Traditional Home, pp. 204-211, “The Surprise Inside,” Mitchell Owens. A folky, multi-circle rug in vivid colors covers the floor of a breakfast room in a Boston-area home.  

September 2006 Diamond Baratta Design, Dan Shaw. A handsome interior design book featuring numerous
braided and hooked and braided rugs in stunning room settings.

June 18, 2006 The New York Times Magazine, pp. 60-63, “Tailor Made,” Pilar Viladas. Large neutral-colored
multi-square braided rug in a gentlemen’s apartment in Manhattan.

April 2006 House Beautiful, pp. 72-81, “Does Taste Have to Mean Safe?” Frances Shultz. Square braided rug
In shades of blue in a very contemporary home on Long Island.

Summer 2004 Country Decorating Ideas, pp. 48-52, “The Mix Makes It Delightful,” Risa Palazzo. A 17-foot
brightly-colored dining room braided rug in a 19th century home on Cape Cod.

February 12, 2004 The New York Times, “Tilting Tradition with Punch-Line Proportions.” Room size pastel-colored
hooked and braided rug in a Massachusetts home.

January/February 2004 Western Interiors and Design, pp. 106-117, “Their Own Private Idaho,” Raul A.
Barreneche. Colorful hooked and braided and braided rugs in a beautiful mountain log home.

September 18, 2003, The Weirs Times, “Customers Looking for Beauty and Durability Turn to Braided Rugs,”
Lorrie Baird. Interesting article on the history and workings of Country Braid House,

March 2003 House Beautiful, pp. 92-103, “Folk Remedies,” Jane Margolies. A dazzling hooked and braided rug
in a family room in Old Greenwich Village.

February/March 2003 Elle Décor, pp. 140-144, “Closet Case,” Timothy Jack Ward. Three round braided rugs in
50’s colors of aqua and lime.

August 2002 House & Garden, pp. 76-83, “To the Light House,” Judith Nasatir. Several braided and hooked and
braided rugs, including a curved stair runner, in a beachfront cottage on Long Island.

May/June 2002 Southern Accents, pp. 176-185, “Rhapsody in Blue,” Lydia Somerville. Beautiful aqua-blue
dining room braided rug in Palm Beach.

December 2001/January 2002 Home Style, pp. 43-55, “Welcome to the Fun House,” Joyce Bautista. Bold-
colored braided rugs in a Connecticut home.

Photo courtesy of
Traditional Home.
Holiday 2001 Traditional Home, pp.92-101, “Rocky Mountain High,” Candace Ord Manroe. Ski home in Colorado filled with vibrant braided rugs. 

August 2001 House & Garden, pp. 13-15, “Domestic Bliss…Pop Decor,” Sabine Rothman. A neon-colored
multi-circle braided rug in Miami Beach.

May 2001 House Beautiful, pp. 108-113, “Dynamic Duo,” Elizabeth H. Hunter. A farm scene hooked and
braided rug in the living room of a shingle style home in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

May 2001 Traditional Home, pp. 168-181, “Saturation Point,” Deborah Morant, Soft-colored braided rugs
in an English country-style house.

April 2001 House & Garden, pp. 170-179, “Honey, I’m Home,” Gregory Cerio. Multi-circle “doily” braided
rug in turquoise, lime, orange, yellow and white.

February/March 2001 Classic American Home, pp. 38-45, “A Colonial…Revolution,” Diane DiPiero. Primary-
colored multi-circle family room rug, as well as curved braided stair runner.

December 2000 Country Living, pp. 72-81, “Christmas in Every Detail,” Jane Dagmi. A handsome braided stair
runner in a lovely country home in Connecticut.

April 2000 House & Garden, pp. 159-169, ”Up Country,” Suzanne Slesin. A grand Manhattan apartment,
the foyer of which was home to perhaps the world’s largest braided rug: 10’ x 54’. Also an elegant
hooked and braided rug based on blue and white delft tiles.

April 2000 House Beautiful, pp. 106-113, “Perfectionists at Play,” Elaine Greene. A stunning chartreuse stair
runner in a Long Island home.

February 1997 Country Home, pp. 102-112, “Country Classic,” Dan Weeks. A “new” old farmhouse with a
striking rectangular braided rug in the living room.

July 1996 Architectural Digest, pp. 122-127, “Country Life on Fifth Avenue,” Nicholas Shrady. A beautiful
blue and white braided rug in the master bedroom overlooking Central Park.

November 1994 Architectural Digest, pp. 218-225, “A Connecticut Yankee,” Pilar Viladas. An eye-popping
3-circle braided rug in the living room and a traditional oval braided rug in the dining room of a
rambling Connecticut residence.

January 1994 Country Living, pp. 70-73, “A Bonny Cottage.” A large braided rug in earthtones centered
in a rustic Irish cottage.

Photo courtesy of
Traditional Home.
Holiday 1993 Traditional Home, pp. 58-65, “Christmas in the Cabin,” Jill Gerston. A softly muted braided rug in a log home on Raquette Lake in New York. 

May 1992 House & Garden, pp. 102-107, “Florida Fun House,” Andrew Solomon. Creamy-white large braided
rug in an elegant master bedroom in southern Florida.

January 1992 House & Garden, p. 59, “What’s Next?” “The future is about rooms that are warm and honest,
about plaids and checks and kitchens with gingham wallpaper and soup on the stove.” Anthony
Baratta and William Diamond. Brightly-colored hit-or-miss braided runners in a Manhattan residence.

August 1990 House & Garden, pp. 80-87, “Primary Motifs,” Sherrye Henry. A brilliant red braided rug in the
living room, an electric blue braided rug in the dining room, a cosmic blue and white braided rug
in the sitting room and a soft aqua braided rug in the bedroom; all in a seaside Hamptons cottage.

August 1989 House & Garden, pp. 116-121, “Custom of Country,” Glenn Harrell. Our very first published
braided rugs. Three large multi-colored hit-or-miss braided rugs in a barn-style living room in a
Southampton home.