Custom Braided Rugs

custom braided rugs wallpaperWe specialize in custom designs, colors and shapes to fit any area and décor, whether traditional, country or contemporary. We work closely with you to match your fabric, wallpaper or paint. We use only new wool cloth because it is strong, long lasting and stain-resistant. Wool braided rugs provide an environmentally acceptable choice, combining durability and beauty.

The following information may be helpful in ordering your braided rug.

Custom Braided Rug Sizes

Measure carefully for your braided rug. Since we are making your rug to order, there is no need to make it a "standard" size. We can come within an inch or two of any dimensions you want. Putting newspapers on the floor and arranging them to best suit your furniture placement will help to determine your ideal rug size.

custom braided rugs for living rooms custom braided rugs for kitchens
Living/family rooms: Consider bringing the edge of the braided rug along the front of the sofa/loveseat rather than underneath it; it keeps the rug visually centered in the seating area. Kitchen/dining rooms: We recommend a braided rug that is at least four feet wider and longer than the table to allow the chairs to remain on the rug when they're pulled out.
bedroom photo with braided rug hallway runner braided rug 
Bedrooms: Scatter rugs work well in bedrooms; on either side and perhaps at the end of the bed. Hallways: Leave a border of three to four inches of floor on each side of the braided runner to frame it.  

Custom Braided Rug Styles

There are four basic styles of our braided rugs:

Solid or Tone-on-Tone: These braided rugs are made of one color (or two to three closely related colors) with or without a contrasting border. 


Pattern: These braided rugs use 7 to 9 wools and have defined bands of colors. If solid bands of color are used in the rug, butting each row is recommended (each row is a separate round of braid, rather than continuous). There is an additional charge for this procedure. 

custom braided rug photo 

Hit-or-Miss: These braided rugs are made from many different wools in varying lengths randomly pieced together. There can be a theme color carried throughout the rug. A solid border can be added as well.  


Combo: These are our most popular braided rugs. They combine the Pattern style and the Hit-or-Miss style to create a rug with subtle bands of color that transition gradually for a beautiful blending of colors, using about 13 different wools. The two variations are the light-medium-dark blending and the random blending. 


Custom Braided Rug Shapes

We can make braided rugs that are oval, round, rectangular, square, heart, multi-circle, flower, octagon, hexagon or that fit a special area. We also make braided chair pads, stair treads and stair runners and can add braided borders to hooked rugs. Below are pictures of the various rug shapes and styles we can make, but you are not limited to these, they are just examples of what can be done. Use your imagination!

Click any of the photos below to enlarge. 





Multi-Circle Oval/Pattern

Oval Multi-Circle/Pattern


Fringed Rectangle/Hit-or-Miss

Radius Corner Rectangle/Combo


Multi Circle Rectangle/Pattern




Multi Hexagon/Pattern



5 Circle/Combo 

7 Circle/Combo 

3 Circle Nutting
(Larger Center Circle)/Combo

Stair Runner/Pattern 

Stair Treads/Combo 

Hooked & Braided Flower/Combo 

Hooked & Braided Octagon/Pattern 

Contents and Construction

Only new wool and wool blends are used in our braided rugs. We carry a large inventory of solid colors, as well as plaids, checks, and tweeds. Two different weights of wool are available, each of which results in a different size braid: coating weight wool, a heavy weight wool, makes about a 1" braid (our standard braid) and flannel weight wool, a lighter weight wool, makes about a 3/4" braid. Both styles wear equally well. All of our rugs are made in the USA.


To make our braided rugs we take 3 strips of wool (about 1-1/2” to 1-5/8” wide) and braid them together on our automatic braider. Each edge of the wool strips is folded to the center and then in half, and then over each other, creating 8 layers of wool—very comfy! The strips are then put together (laced) by hand using a flat needle with a curved blunt tip and heavy cotton thread. We splice the ends of the thread instead of knotting to provide a stronger union. The thread lies in the middle of the rug, completely invisible (making the rug truly reversible) and not subject to surface wear and tear, unlike most commercial braided rugs which are machine-stitched on the surface.


To obtain wool color samples please send $15 together with pieces of fabric, wallpaper or paint chips. If none are available, please be as descriptive as possible in requesting your colors. The $15 will be credited towards your first rug purchase.

Braided Rug Pricing

Our braided rugs are priced by the square foot (length x width). Shapes other than round or oval will be priced higher, as will rugs over 100 s.f. Please contact us for a price on any size and shape rug you want. We require a 50% deposit to place your order, with the balance (plus shipping and handling) due prior to delivery of your rug. We accept personal checks, MasterCard, Visa and Discover. Lead-time varies during the year, but averages about 12-16 weeks.

Rug Padding

We recommend padding for underneath your braided rug to prevent slipping and to protect your floor from any sand that might filter through. It is a thin non-skid rubber pad that will not harm your floor.

braided rug padding 

Custom Hooked Rugs

If you are looking for another style of wool area rug, please consider hooked rugs. We work with a New England mill that uses 100% New Zealand yarn and produces high quality, one-of-a-kind hand tufted rugs that are made to your exact specifications. Please contact us for more information.

hooked rug photo